If one Were two

A pop-up solo exhibition featuring the work of Berlinklusion co-founder Kirstin Broussard.

We are delighted to announce that one of our founding co-members, Kirstin Broussard, will show her work in a solo exhibition in Berlin this November. Curated by Kate Brehme and featuring a bespoke audio-guide created by Dirk Sorge and Jovana Komnenic, who are also Berlinklusion co-founders, the exhibition sparks the beginning of what we hope will be a series of Berlinklusion spin-off projects. Full details of the exhibition and related events are below, we look forward to seeing you there!

About the Exhibition

Kirstin Broussard is fascinated by the interstice between perception and understanding and explores that threshold both literally and metaphorically through photography and video. If One Were Two shows her recent work, a series of visual narratives that investigate the act of looking, the nature of memory, and time. Each piece is an amalgamation of images- in many cases an extended moment frozen in time which she repeatedly re-enters and re-frames with and through her body.

This multi-sensorial exhibition asks the viewer to question: is to see to know, and is to know, to see?

About the Artist

Kirstin Broussard splits her time between Brooklyn (USA) and Berlin (DE). As a child, she spent time wandering the wooded paths that surrounded her family home in Oregon. This had a profound effect on her. The natural world was a place of solace, a playground, an endless labyrinth of sights and sounds- a patch of moss was a miniature universe both infinitesimal and infinite. Her interest in photography developed at a young age, and was pursued through graduate school at San Francisco State University where she received an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts. Since 2004 Broussard has also worked for The Museum of Modern Art in New York as a lecturer and teaching artist. The exploration of multiple viewpoints through her work with children with autism, adults with Alzheimer’s, and people with visual impairments, among others, is an essential part of her practice as an artist. “One no longer exists without the other, the two inform each other in an endless back and forth for which I am eternally grateful- both bring me closer to that delicate balance between surrender and self-possession.”

tête has a step-free entrance and is located on the ground floor. There is a WC but no disabled accessible toilet, the nearest accessible toilets are located at the Baiz bar between Wörter and Metzerstraße or the Lua restaurant on Schwedterstraße. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be purchased at the bar during events.

November 27th to 30th
11am – 7pm Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th
11am – 5pm Saturday 30th

Kirstin Broussard in conversation with curator Kate Brehme,
Wednesday 27th 7pm – 9pm
– Finnisage Part 1: Bar + Music Friday 29th 7pm – 10pm
– Finnisage Part 2: Coffee, Cake + Cocktails,
Saturday 30th 12 noon – 5pm

Schönhauser Allee 161a
10435 Berlin

Exhibition Open: 11am – 7pm Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th, 11am-5pm Saturday 30th November
Event: Kirstin Broussard in conversation with curator Kate Brehme, 7-9pm Wednesday 27th November
Finnisage Part 1: Bar + Music 7-10pm Friday 29th November
Finnisage Part 2: Coffee, Cake + Cocktails, 12 noon-5pm Saturday 30th November


Berlinklusion and Diversity Arts Culture invite you to:

Disability Arts Meet Up

The Conceivability of the Invisible

About the event:

Are you an artist or cultural worker with a disability? Do you work with artists or cultural workers with disabilities? Or do you simply want to know more about working in this exciting field of contemporary art? 

Then come along to the Disability Arts Meet Up, an informal get together where you can meet other people working in the field. 

The next meeting takes place on the 27thof September from 6-8pm at feldfünf.

In the first half of the meeting there will be three short inputs on the topic The Conceivability of the Invisible. Presenters will explore the following: producing optical effects through the play of light and translating them into images, feeling space through the relationship of the people within it, living and dealing with needs that are invisible to others. Through these presentations we are posing questions about the many ways in which the invisible influences artistic practice in addition to being a creative engine in and of itself. 

There will also be an opportunity to meet cultural experts with disabilities to ask them about their experiences working in the cultural field.

Speakers: Ono Ludwig, Gerald Pirner und Alexandra Trencséni 





German sign language interpretation is provided. The venue is step-free and has a disabled accessible toilet. If you would like someone to meet you at the door and help you to find a seat, please email or message us in advance so that we can arrange this. On request we can help with translations to and from English. Snacks and non alcoholic drinks are provided and alcoholic drinks can be purchased from the bar. 

We look forward to seeing you there!


feldfünf; Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7–8; 10969 Berlin

Nearby stations: 

U1, U6 Hallesches Tor (Aufzug vorhanden)
U6 Kochstraße (Aufzug vorhanden)
Bus 248 Jüdisches Museum
Bus M41 Zossener Brücke
Bus M29 Lindenstraße/Ecke Oranienstraße

Registration and contact:


Logo Diversity Arts Culture

Netzwerk Disability Arts

Gemeinsam mit unseren Kolleg*innen von Diversity Arts Culture suchen wir Expert*innen an der Schnittstelle von Kunst und Behinderung.
Sie können sich vorstellen, vor Publikum zu sprechen, einen Workshop durchzuführen oder als Referent*in einen Input zu geben?
Sie finden es wichtig, dass Künstler*innen mit Behinderung noch sichtbarer werden?
Sie suchen Austausch zu anderen Künstler*innen?
Dann tragen Sie sich in das Formular unter diesem Link ein und erzählen Sie uns mehr über sich: Link zum Formular
Der Link kann gerne geteilt und weit gestreut werden!

Berlinklusion at “Wie Findet Freiraum Stadt?” Event

We are delighted that we have been invited to present as part of Wie Findet Freiraum Stadt! Come and talk to us!

About the event:

What is the meaning of open space in the city – who benefits from it and who uses it? Together, barriers should be dismantled, projects and visions developed, diversity and participation promoted and networks and alliances formed.

With the format of Open Talks different cultural actors will share experiences and present their approaches to open up spaces for art and culture in an innovative way.

When and where:

26 October 2018

feldfünf – project rooms in the metropolis house, Fromet-and-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7-8, 10969 Berlin

Registration for the workshops by mail to: info@feldfuenf.berlin


Please contact feldfünf for all information regarding accessibity.


tel: 030 27 97 99 17

Förderfähig! Workshop

Empowerment workshop for artists and cultural workers with disabilities run together with Diversity.Arts.Culture.

About the workshop:

In this workshop we get an overview of funding and funding opportunities for Berlin artists. We discuss the particular difficulties faced by people with disabilities when applying for funding. How does an application process work? We go through an application step by step.

This workshop is aimed at disabled artists and cultural professionals who want to work professionally but need more information. It is intended to encourage artists to establish themselves on the regular art market. At the end of the workshop there is the opportunity to network and continue to exchange ideas.

Speakers: Imke Baumann (conveyor e.v.), Tobias Losekandt (culture support point)

Moderators: Jovana Komnenic and Dirk Sorge (Berlinklusion)

When and where:

25 October 2018
aquarium, Skalitzer Straße 6, 10999 Berlin

Language The workshop will be held in German language. There is an interpretation in German Sign Language (DGS).
The workshop room in the aquarium is accessible at ground level and barrier-free. Wheelchair accessible toilets are available.
Empowerment workshop for disabled artists and artists

Disability Arts Meet Up!

Image description: in a room with a red glowing light, seven people in two groups chatting to each other with drinks in their hands. Some people are standing while another sits in a wheelchair.

About the Event:

Are you an artist or cultural worker with a disability? Do you work with artists or cultural workers with disabilities? Or do you simply want to know more about working in this exciting field of contemporary art?

Then come along to the Disability Arts Meet Up, an informal get together where you can meet other people working in the field.

About Berlinklusion:

Berlinklusion is an initiative founded by a group of artists, curators, arts educators, mediators and facilitators with and without disabilities who are making Berlin’s vibrant art scene more accessible for artists and their publics. We support individuals, museums, galleries, other arts organisations and communities through providing advice, running workshops and creative projects and raising awareness about inclusion and accessibility in the arts.


This is an unfunded event and thus assistance such as sign language or other kinds of interpretation is not provided on this occasion. Assistants of all kinds are of course very welcome. The venue is step-free and has an disabled accessible toilet. Food and drinks can be purchased from the bar. If you would like someone to meet you at the door and help you to find a seat, please email or message us in advance so that we can arrange this. The language of the event will be in both English and German and we can hep with translations.

We look forward to seeing you there!

When and where:
Thursday 18th October, 2018

cafe morgenrot
kastanienallee 85
10435 berlin

Nearest public transport stops:
M1 schwedter str.
U2 eberswalder str.
U8 rosenthaler platz

Berlinklusion is at Body-Check!

Kubinaut Logo

Berlinklusion is taking part in Body-Check, an event by Kubinaut about body and identity in cultural education.

Come along! All the important details are below:

Where and when?

On Thursday, 18 October 2018
from 1pm to 5pm
in the city villa Global
Otto-Wels-Ring 37, 12351 Berlin

About the event:

Kulturprojekte Berlin and the Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung Berlin invite you to the Kubinaut – Partnerbörse Kulturelle Bildung # 7.

This year, the Partnerbörse (symposium) is dedicated to the topic of “Body-Check – Body and Identity in Cultural Education.” From birth, we are divided into women / men, people with / without disabilities, people of color / white, etc. Such categories create exclusions and often lead to prejudices about the abilities and legitimacy of supposedly others, but how can these internalized incarnations be broken up and alternatives presented so that children and adolescents can choose their own identity and thus their social role? In which way is resistance to discrimination and dominating normativity possible? What experimental spaces can create cultural education for such physical self-awareness?

At the symposium, best practice projects from cultural education, pedagogy, art education, youth work and research present practice-oriented approaches to the questioning of body-related stereotypes as well as enabling methods for cultural education practice with children and adolescents.

In addition, there will be an opportunity to learn about funding opportunities, to exchange topics as well as to post offers and requests on the bulletin board.

For more details:


The program is also available as  a PDF fileDieses Bild benötigt einen alternativen Text, aber das Feld ist leer. Gib einen alternativen Text ein oder markiere das Bild als dekorativ.:

Meeting Place 2018 Alice Springs


Meeting Place is an inclusive learning space and critical platform to discuss and debate the latest in arts and disability. After coorganizing the last years Meeting Place in Berlin, Berlinklusion was invited by Arts Access Australia to participate at this years conference held in Alice Springs in September. We participated in panel discussions, presented participatory installation “Many things melt in the desert vol.1” and gave a workshop on inclusive art education.
The travel to Australia was made possible through kindsupport by Goethe Institut and German Embassy in Camberra.

Watch videos or read about our experiencen in an Interview for Leidmedien.



tanzfähig and Berlinklusion organised the premiere of the film “Common Ground in Diversity” (DE 2017, min 94, camera and editing: Sushma U. Gütter) and Q&A with authors. Film documents the four days of the choreographic research of tanzfähig and the Berlin-based choreographer duo matanicola, which was conducted in September 2016 as part of the EU project “Moving Beyond Inclusion”.

This film is a unique document that accompanies at close range the artistic process between the choreographer duo matanicola and a diverse group of dancers with different ages, physicalities, backgrounds, dance experience, and disabilities. Impressively the film illustrates how, over the course of their four day choreographic research, the concept of ​​movement is being passed from the minds of the choreographers into the dancers’ bodies and how it is coming to life in them. It is touching to see how day by day the dancers are getting more immersed into the choreographic ideas, by learning to trust the process, are able to expose more of themselves, and so move beyond their own expectations and imaginations. The film captures the very beginning of a creative dance process and demonstrates that there are no better bodies, or worse bodies, there are just bodies. Furthermore, through the act of dancing, the film speaks of learning and of the unfolding emotional journey.

Watch the trailer hier.

Network for Accessibility in Arts and Culture