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Inclusive Workshops with light art space

In December 2019, just before Christmas, we held two inclusive workshops as part of education program of a contemporary art exhibition in Kraftwerk Berlin. It was the exhibition Latent Being by Refik Anadol, curated and organised by Light Art Space, a new art house in Berlin. With two groups, JugendTheatergruppe Thikwa and children and teachers from Galilei Grundschule we visited the exhibition and reacted to it’s themes, artificial intelligence and algorithms, in creative way using movement, play and elements of visual art. It was a great joy working on this project and with these groups!

People standing and sitting around a long rectangular table drawing on a huge joint drawing
Photo: Jürgen Scheer
In a huge dark industrial inner space people are sitting and laying on big pillows on the floor while multicoloured images are projected over them and the whole floor
Photo: Jürgen Scheer


Berlinklusion and Diversity Arts Culture invite you to:

Disability Arts Meet Up

The Conceivability of the Invisible

About the event:

Are you an artist or cultural worker with a disability? Do you work with artists or cultural workers with disabilities? Or do you simply want to know more about working in this exciting field of contemporary art? 

Then come along to the Disability Arts Meet Up, an informal get together where you can meet other people working in the field. 

The next meeting takes place on the 27thof September from 6-8pm at feldfünf.

In the first half of the meeting there will be three short inputs on the topic The Conceivability of the Invisible. Presenters will explore the following: producing optical effects through the play of light and translating them into images, feeling space through the relationship of the people within it, living and dealing with needs that are invisible to others. Through these presentations we are posing questions about the many ways in which the invisible influences artistic practice in addition to being a creative engine in and of itself. 

There will also be an opportunity to meet cultural experts with disabilities to ask them about their experiences working in the cultural field.

Speakers: Ono Ludwig, Gerald Pirner und Alexandra Trencséni


German sign language interpretation is provided. The venue is step-free and has a disabled accessible toilet. If you would like someone to meet you at the door and help you to find a seat, please email or message us in advance so that we can arrange this. On request we can help with translations to and from English. Snacks and non alcoholic drinks are provided and alcoholic drinks can be purchased from the bar. 

We look forward to seeing you there!


feldfünf; Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7–8; 10969 Berlin

Nearby stations: 

U1, U6 Hallesches Tor (Aufzug vorhanden)
U6 Kochstraße (Aufzug vorhanden)
Bus 248 Jüdisches Museum
Bus M41 Zossener Brücke
Bus M29 Lindenstraße/Ecke Oranienstraße

Registration and contact:

Logo Diversity Arts Culture

Sessions on Empowerment

Workshops for art and cultural professionals, with Diversity.Arts.Culture and Berlinklusion

1° Workshop: Förderfähig

In this workshop we provide an overview on funding and financial opportunities for Berlin artists. We discuss, above all, which is the opportunity to go for when you apply for funding. How does an application process work? Together we will go through a funding application guiding you step by step.
This workshop is intended for disabled and art workers with a disability who want to work but need more information. The aim is to encourage artists to insert themselves in the regular art market. At the end of the workshop there is the opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

Speakers: Imke Baumann (Förderband eV), Tobias Losekandt (Kulturförderpunkt)
Moderators: Jovana Komnenic and Dirk Sorge (Berlinklusion)

Conceptual  map with colorful papers

2° Workshop: Mein Ich und dein Bild von mir

I work as an artist and have a disability. And now? Should I hide the disability? Should I explicitly point this out? Should I make it my trademark?
In this workshop, we discuss in a sheltered space the strategies that artists with disabilities develop to answer these questions. Together, we consider how important is disability when it comes to identity, how it is part of our self-expression, and how to deal with discrimination in cultural life. If you want, you can talk about your own experiences. After the workshop, there is the opportunity to participate in a tactile tour through the Berlinische Galerie.

Workshop leaders:
Speaker: Annton Beate Schmidt (artist), Monika Dorniak (artist)
Moderators: Kate Brehme and Dirk Sorge (Berlinklusion)

Person looking at a drawing on a glass surface
Diversity Arts Culture Logo



tanzfähig and Berlinklusion organised the premiere of the film “Common Ground in Diversity” (DE 2017, min 94, camera and editing: Sushma U. Gütter) and Q&A with authors. Film documents the four days of the choreographic research of tanzfähig and the Berlin-based choreographer duo matanicola, which was conducted in September 2016 as part of the EU project “Moving Beyond Inclusion”.

This film is a unique document that accompanies at close range the artistic process between the choreographer duo matanicola and a diverse group of dancers with different ages, physicalities, backgrounds, dance experience, and disabilities. Impressively the film illustrates how, over the course of their four day choreographic research, the concept of ​​movement is being passed from the minds of the choreographers into the dancers’ bodies and how it is coming to life in them. It is touching to see how day by day the dancers are getting more immersed into the choreographic ideas, by learning to trust the process, are able to expose more of themselves, and so move beyond their own expectations and imaginations. The film captures the very beginning of a creative dance process and demonstrates that there are no better bodies, or worse bodies, there are just bodies. Furthermore, through the act of dancing, the film speaks of learning and of the unfolding emotional journey.

Watch the trailer hier.


Interaktive Kunstinstallation und Launch von Berlinklusion Netzwerk für Zugänglichkeit in Kunst und Kultur Ein Teil von Australia-Berlin Art Exchange


“Call and Response” ist eine künstlerische Zusammenarbeit zwischen der australischen zeitgenössischen Tänzerin Anna Seymour und den Berliner Künstler*innen Kirstin Broussard, Jovana Komnenic und Dirk Sorge. Gemeinsam haben sie eine interaktive Installation entwickelt, die unterschiedliche Perspektiven untersucht, indem Klang, Bewegung und bildende Kunst verbunden werden. Eine Serie von sinnlichen Stationen lädt die Teilnehmer*innen dazu ein, miteinander zu interagieren und flüchtige Kunstwerke zu schaffen. Dadurch werden die Themen Verbundenheit und Verschiedenheit als Antriebskräfte für Kreativität erforscht.
Die Veranstaltung mündete in eine lockere Netzwerk-Aktivität, gesponsert von Berlinklusion: ein internationales Netzwerk für Zugänglichkeit in Kunst und Kultur, ansässig in Berlin. 

Masks and Faces – Workshop with paper, colors, seeds … and soul

Art Workshop by Corry Siw Mirski and Chelle Destefano
Part of Australia-Berlin Art Exchange


“We are souls having a human experience. The fears and repression that people need to remove from their lives…. our creative project is a way to teach people about stepping out of their comfort zone to create something that they can express with their heart and soul.
… we are forming an artwork about the human experience, the soul and letting fear go… the pain, the light….
The project will become an installation art of the work we will do and drawings on are large paper behind paper-mask sculptures to express faces and feelings.
If we open our hearts to allow ourselves to experience and make mistakes, then we will evolve as our souls are meant to as humans – and you can experience, that there are no mistakes (in art).” Corry Siw Mirski and Chelle Destefano

Group photo with colorful masks in the back wall


Workshop: ‘Under-Stories Revealed’ at Interventionen – Diversity in Arts and Education Conference and Festival


After an introduction to Berlinklusion, Berlin’s new network for accessibility in arts and culture, participants worked with artists with and without disabilities in a practical creative workshop that draws from the history and physical fabric of Podewil and its surrounds. The workshop concluded with a discussion exploring the existing structures within the cultural field, their limitations and impact on in/exclusion and their hidden possibilities for accessibility. 

Further information about the Workshop and Interventionen programme can be found here.

Three persons outside looking from different sides at and behind a metal board with writing attached to the wall
Photo: Berlinklusion
Three persons leaning on a table looking at a city map laying on the table with diverse objects standing on on top of it
Photo: Berlinklusion
Close up of a city map with diverse objects standing on top of it, as a postcard, a drawing a stone, a leaf, a flower
Photo: Berlinklusion