Eine Nahaufnahme von zwei Händen, die ein taktiles Bild einer Spinne aus Pfeifenreinigern berühren. A close-up of two hands touching a tactile image of a spider made out of pipe-cleaners.


Our services can be described by the following activities:


We connect various people working in the field of accessibility or inclusion with arts organisations, associations, individuals and with each other. This includes, but is not limited to artists specialising in working with audiences with disabilities, Braille, BSL, Audioguide description service providers, and many more. Our focus is Berlin but we foster exchange between Berliners with one another, Berliners with the rest of Germany, Germany with the rest of the world.


We develop and deliver creative practical and interpretative workshops or tours for museum and gallery visitors, arts organisations, and community groups of all kinds.


We provide advice to museums, galleries, project spaces, arts organisations and individuals working in the arts in cooperation with associations. While we specialise in the areas of curatorial and educational programming, our approach is a holistic one that sees inclusion and accessibility vital to all areas within cultural organisations.


We provide tailored training workshops for museums, galleries and arts organisations to help them achieve best practice in inclusion and accessibility.


We develop and realise creative projects of all sizes that feature inclusion and accessibility at their core. We can assist with the commissioning of artists with disabilities/artists working with disability as a theme.

We can do other things too and inquiries for individual services are welcome!

Network for Accessibility in Arts and Culture