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Inclusive Workshops with light art space

In December 2019, just before Christmas, we held two inclusive workshops as part of education program of a contemporary art exhibition in Kraftwerk Berlin. It was the exhibition Latent Being by Refik Anadol, curated and organised by Light Art Space, a new art house in Berlin. With two groups, JugendTheatergruppe Thikwa and children and teachers from Galilei Grundschule we visited the exhibition and reacted to it’s themes, artificial intelligence and algorithms, in creative way using movement, play and elements of visual art. It was a great joy working on this project and with these groups!

People standing and sitting around a long rectangular table drawing on a huge joint drawing
Photo: Jürgen Scheer
In a huge dark industrial inner space people are sitting and laying on big pillows on the floor while multicoloured images are projected over them and the whole floor
Photo: Jürgen Scheer

Call and Response in DADAA Fremantle


Call and Response: Reisen durch eine multi-sensorische Landschaft ist eine künstlerische Zusammenarbeit zwischen der australischen zeitgenössischen Tänzerin Anna Seymour und den Berliner Künstler*innen Kirstin Broussard, Jovana Komnenic und Dirk Sorge. Die erste Wiederholung von Call and Response fand im Rahmen eines Austauschs des Australia-Berlin Arts Exchange-Projekts in Berlin statt.
Diese zweite Wiederholung findet in Fremantle in Westaustralien statt, einem Teil unserer laufenden Kooperationen mit Arts Access Australia und DADAA Fremantle.

Gemeinsam haben sie eine interaktive Installation entwickelt, die unterschiedliche Perspektiven untersucht, indem Klang, Bewegung und bildende Kunst verbunden werden. Eine Serie von sinnlichen Stationen lädt die Teilnehmer*innen dazu ein, miteinander zu interagieren und flüchtige Kunstwerke zu schaffen. Dadurch werden die Themen Verbundenheit und Verschiedenheit als Antriebskräfte für Kreativität erforscht.

Two people in a room with chairs playing with colorful balloons

Meeting Place 2018 Alice Springs


Meeting Place is an inclusive learning space and critical platform to discuss and debate the latest in arts and disability. After coorganizing the last years Meeting Place in Berlin, Berlinklusion was invited by Arts Access Australia to participate at this years conference held in Alice Springs in September. We participated in panel discussions, presented participatory installation “Many things melt in the desert vol.1” and gave a workshop on inclusive art education.
The travel to Australia was made possible through kindsupport by Goethe Institut and German Embassy in Camberra.

Watch videos or read about our experiencen in an Interview for Leidmedien.

Masks and Faces – Workshop with paper, colors, seeds … and soul

Art Workshop by Corry Siw Mirski and Chelle Destefano
Part of Australia-Berlin Art Exchange


“We are souls having a human experience. The fears and repression that people need to remove from their lives…. our creative project is a way to teach people about stepping out of their comfort zone to create something that they can express with their heart and soul.
… we are forming an artwork about the human experience, the soul and letting fear go… the pain, the light….
The project will become an installation art of the work we will do and drawings on are large paper behind paper-mask sculptures to express faces and feelings.
If we open our hearts to allow ourselves to experience and make mistakes, then we will evolve as our souls are meant to as humans – and you can experience, that there are no mistakes (in art).” Corry Siw Mirski and Chelle Destefano

Group photo with colorful masks in the back wall

Non-Sight Seeing Tour

Parcours der Nichtsehenswürdigkeiten (Non-Sight Seeing Tour), workshop and guided tour by Jovana Komnenić and Dirk Sorge, part of Die Auflösung des Sehens (The Resolution of Sight), Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, 2014

The project Die Auflösung des Sehens” was a creative reflection about the dominance of sight in art and everyday life. The project wants to point out the mechanisms of exclusion and to work in the opposite direction by inviting blind and visually impaired audience in the gallery. It explicitly addresses these audiences, but it is relevant for sighted people as well, because it points out the creative potential hiding in other ways of viewing things, the ability of invisibility to broaden the meaning. The overall goal was to bring awareness for this theme by using irritation and reflection.

The exhibition venue was the building of a former monastery situated in a large park area in the west of Germany. The whole project consisted of three parts and lasted one year (January to December 2014) with the project grant KunstKommunikation which supports a participatory approach in the arts. One part was a series of workshops with blind and visually impaired participants with the goal to develop a tour through the park, the second part was the production of a tactile map with audio output to guide visitors to the stops of the tour. The third part was the artistic intervention inside the historic building with site-specific installations.

For  further photos and a video of the installations please visit http://dirksorge.de/aufloesung.htm and http://www.jovanakomnenic.com/file/work/Pages/die_auflosung_des_sehens.html.

Further information on the project and Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst (German only):