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Inclusive Workshops with light art space

In December 2019, just before Christmas, we held two inclusive workshops as part of education program of a contemporary art exhibition in Kraftwerk Berlin. It was the exhibition Latent Being by Refik Anadol, curated and organised by Light Art Space, a new art house in Berlin. With two groups, JugendTheatergruppe Thikwa and children and teachers from Galilei Grundschule we visited the exhibition and reacted to it’s themes, artificial intelligence and algorithms, in creative way using movement, play and elements of visual art. It was a great joy working on this project and with these groups!

People standing and sitting around a long rectangular table drawing on a huge joint drawing
Photo: Jürgen Scheer
In a huge dark industrial inner space people are sitting and laying on big pillows on the floor while multicoloured images are projected over them and the whole floor
Photo: Jürgen Scheer

Sessions on Empowerment

Workshops for art and cultural professionals, with Diversity.Arts.Culture and Berlinklusion

1° Workshop: Förderfähig

In this workshop we provide an overview on funding and financial opportunities for Berlin artists. We discuss, above all, which is the opportunity to go for when you apply for funding. How does an application process work? Together we will go through a funding application guiding you step by step.
This workshop is intended for disabled and art workers with a disability who want to work but need more information. The aim is to encourage artists to insert themselves in the regular art market. At the end of the workshop there is the opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

Speakers: Imke Baumann (Förderband eV), Tobias Losekandt (Kulturförderpunkt)
Moderators: Jovana Komnenic and Dirk Sorge (Berlinklusion)

Conceptual  map with colorful papers

2° Workshop: Mein Ich und dein Bild von mir

I work as an artist and have a disability. And now? Should I hide the disability? Should I explicitly point this out? Should I make it my trademark?
In this workshop, we discuss in a sheltered space the strategies that artists with disabilities develop to answer these questions. Together, we consider how important is disability when it comes to identity, how it is part of our self-expression, and how to deal with discrimination in cultural life. If you want, you can talk about your own experiences. After the workshop, there is the opportunity to participate in a tactile tour through the Berlinische Galerie.

Workshop leaders:
Speaker: Annton Beate Schmidt (artist), Monika Dorniak (artist)
Moderators: Kate Brehme and Dirk Sorge (Berlinklusion)

Person looking at a drawing on a glass surface
Diversity Arts Culture Logo

Australia & Berlin Arts Exchange October 9-20

Title with six colored boomerangs on the left side
Logo of Australia and Berlin Arts Exchange 2017

Berlinklusion is happy to be project partner of Arts Access Australia on the Australia & Berlin Arts Exchange October 9-20. Check out the program and come along!

For more information about the project go to: https://artsaccessaustralia.org/project/berlin-exchange-project-october-2017/

Read about the experiences: https://artsaccessaustralia.org/international-spotlight-inclusive-arts-culture/

The Program

The Australia & Berlin Arts Exchange October 9-20, presents a vibrant mix of arts workshops, music, dance and performances. As well as learning forums for cultural exchange between Australian and Berlin artists and arts and culture leaders with disability.

Following are some of the key program events. A number of private tours of museums and galleries will also be conducted, where Australian and Berlin artists will view exhibitions and discuss their access experience.

* Public events

Opening Ceremony, Tues 10.

The program will be officially launched at a small proceeding and will include performances from visiting Australian artists.

Stammtisch Artist Exchange, Brotfabrik, Wed 11. (5.30-7.30pm)

Australian artists join a meeting of local artists to discuss access and inclusion at Brotfabrik café/pub.

Dancer Exchange, Uferstudios, Thurs 12. (5.30-9.30pm)

Australian and Berlin dancers join dancing session of Tanzfähig Initiative at Uferstudios and exchange experiences.

*Art Workshop & Launch of Berlinklusion Network for Accessibility in Arts and Culture, aquarium, Fri 13. (6-9pm)

Australian contemporary dancer Anna Seymour in collaboration with Berlin based artists will conduct a participatory performance and workshop incorporating sound, movement and visual art. The event will include a networking activity sponsored by Berlinklusion an international Network for Accessibility in Arts and Culture based in Berlin.

*Art Workshop, Stephanus Stiftung (11am-3pm) & Pop-up Exhibition and Drumming Workshop-Performance, Brotfabrik (5-8pm), Sat 14.

Mixed-media art workshop between sculpture and painting co-led by Australian painter Chelle Destefano and Corry Siw Mirski, visual artist from Berlin at Stephanus Stiftung; Presentation of the workshop with pop-up exhibition at the gallery space of Brotfabrik followed by drumming workshop-performance by Australian drummers Andrew Hewitt and Josh Hogan (Rudely Interrupted). Everyone is welcome to attend and meet the Artists.

*Meeting Place Forum (9am-5.30pm) & Performance (6-8pm), Podewil, Mon 16.

This all-day event will provide an inclusive learning space and critical platform to discuss and debate the latest in arts and disability. Followed by performance by Rudely Interrupted one of Australia’s most unique independent rock acts. To find out more and register for Meeting Place go to https://www.kubinaut.de/de/termine/meeting-place-berlin/.

*What disability? We are just drummers from down under!, Just Music/Sky Live, Tue 17. (7-9pm) TBC

Come and be inspired, hear the stories of 3 Australian drummers who have overcome the challenges and struggles of a disability to become successful drummers performing all over the world. Andrew Hewitt, Josh Hogan and Todd James will share their journeys, share their passions and play drums.

*Closing Party & Performance, Alte Kantine Wedding, Thurs 19. 7pm

Everyone is welcome to join us in a celebration at Alte Kantine Wedding with performance by Australian contemporary dancer Anna Seymour, presentation of art project “Under My Tongue” by Australian performer Belinda Locke, DJ set by DJ Eltron, dance, and highlights from the festival.


aquarium – Skalitzerstraße 6, 10999 Berlin

Stephanus Stiftung – Albertinenstraße 20, 13086 Berlin

Brotfabrik – Caligariplatz 1, 13086 Berlin

Podewil – Klosterstraße 68, 10179 Berlin

Just Music/Sky Live – Oranienstraße 142, 10969 Berlin

Alte Kantine Wedding – Uferstraße 8-11, 13357 Berlin

Project Partners

Diversity.Arts.Culture – Berliner Projektbüro für Diversitätsentwicklung, Kulturprojekte Berlin, Berlinklusion – Network for Accessibility in Arts and Culture, Förderband e.V. – Kulturinitiative Berlin, ABSV – Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin gegr. 1874 e. V., Alte Kantine Wedding, Brotfabrik, Stephanus-Stiftung, tanzfähig, Uferstudios, Just Music

This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Communication and the Arts’ Catalyst—Australian Arts and Culture Fund and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia now Germany 2017 program.

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