Drei Bilder nebeneinander. Das erste Bild auf der linken Seite zeigt einen jungen Mann, der sich niederschlägt und dem Gras mit einem Stethoskop zuhört. Das zweite Bild in der Mitte zeigt eine junge Frau, die mit einem Stethoskop eine Kanalabdeckung hört. Das letzte Bild zeigt einen Mann und ein junges Kind, das mit einem Stethoskop ein Stück Holz auf dem Boden hört.

Werkzeug Wahrnehmung (Perception as a Tool)

Werkzeug Wahrnehmung (Perception as a Tool), experimental art mediation walk at 6th Berlin Biennale by Birgit auf der Lauer, Jovana Komnenić, Silja Korn, Anja Winter and Dirk Sorge, 2010

Perception as a Tool was a moderated walk through the 6th Berlin Biennial exhibition of contemporary art. It took visitors through the exhibition and its surrounding in the public space. The concept of the walk made reference to the curatorial idea of the exhibition, but reacted to it in a participatory and playful way. The curator Kathrin Rhomberg posed questions about reality. She asked the audience: „Do you believe in reality?“

Our idea was to test the senses of the participants on the walk. To examine together how different perceptions convey different information, how they consciously and unconsciously connect with diverse memories and produce meaning in that way. In that sense, our focus was on the individuality of perception, on acceptance of diversity, and on the exchange within the group.

Another potential we saw was the possibility to focus on hidden or invisible stories in the surrounding of the exhibition.