About Us

Berlinklusion is a network for accessibility in art and culture. Led by Kate Brehme, Dirk Sorge, Jovana Komnenic and Kirstin Broussard, a mix of disabled and non-disabled artists and arts mediators, we seek to positively change Berlin’s cultural landscape by promoting inclusion and improving accessibility for artists, cultural workers, participants and audiences with and without disabilities.

We each have more than 10 years of experience working with artists or cultural participants with disabilities in Germany and abroad. Thus, over the years we have built a network. A network with more than 200 contacts in the field of disability arts, people with disabilities or people without disabilities who work inclusively.

We are regularly looking for freelancers to work with us on a variety of creative projects, events and consulting work. If you are a cultural worker with a disability and would like to become part of our network, please contact us! We would be happy to hear from you.

*We use a broad concept of disability and follow the social model of disability. This means that instead of defining a person by their health condition or impairment, we consider disability to be a social construction as people are disabled by barriers. We recognise and respect that disability is defined by each individual and by their lived experiences. When we speak of inclusion and accessibility, we demand it for all people, no matter what they identify themselves as: as sensorially, physically or cognitively disabled or impaired, with learning difficulties, with mental illnesses, diverse, ‘crippled’, ‘mad’…