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Parcours der Nichtsehenswürdigkeiten

Parcours der Nichtsehenswürdigkeiten (Non-Sight Seeing Tour), workshop and guided tour by Jovana Komnenić and Dirk Sorge, part of Die Auflösung des Sehens (The Resolution of Sight), Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, 2014

Ein lächelnder Man berührt ein Steinkkulptur. A smiling man touches a stone sculpture.

The project Die Auflösung des Sehens“ was a creative reflection about the dominance of sight in art and everyday life. The projects aim was to point out the mechanisms of exclusion and to work in the opposite direction by inviting blind and visually impaired audiences into the gallery. It explicitly addressed these audiences, but was relevant for sighted people as well, because it pointed out the creative potential hiding in other ways of viewing things and the ability of invisibility to broaden the meaning. The overall goal was to bring awareness to this theme by using both irritation and reflection.

Eine Nahaufnahme von zwei Menschen die Hände berühren die Basis einer roten Metall-Straßenlaterne. A close-up of two people's hands touching the base of a red metal street light.The exhibition venue was the building of a former monastery situated in a large park area in the west of Germany. The whole project consisted of three parts and lasted one year (January to December 2014) with the project grant KunstKommunikation which supports a participatory approach in the arts. One part was a series of workshops with blind and visually impaired participants with the goal of developing a tour through the park, the second part was the production of a tactile map with audio output to guide visitors to the stops of the tour. The third part was the artistic intervention inside the historic building with site-specific installations.

Eine Nahaufnahme einer Hand, die einen Stein, der mit Buchstaben eingraviert ist, berührt, wie durch eine Lupe gesehen. A close-up of a hand touching a stone engraved with letters, as seen through a magnifying glass.For  further photos and a video of the installations please visit and

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