Public interacting at the premiere

Filmpremiere: Common ground in diversity


tanzfähig and Berlinklusion organised the premiere of the film “Common Ground in Diversity” (DE 2017, min 94, camera and editing: Sushma U. Gütter) and Q&A with authors. Film documents the four days of the choreographic research of tanzfähig and the Berlin-based choreographer duo matanicola, which was conducted in September 2016 as part of the EU project “Moving Beyond Inclusion”.

This film is a unique document that accompanies at close range the artistic process between the choreographer duo matanicola and a diverse group of dancers with different ages, physicalities, backgrounds, dance experience, and disabilities. Impressively the film illustrates how, over the course of their four day choreographic research, the concept of ​​movement is being passed from the minds of the choreographers into the dancers’ bodies and how it is coming to life in them. It is touching to see how day by day the dancers are getting more immersed into the choreographic ideas, by learning to trust the process, are able to expose more of themselves, and so move beyond their own expectations and imaginations. The film captures the very beginning of a creative dance process and demonstrates that there are no better bodies, or worse bodies, there are just bodies. Furthermore, through the act of dancing, the film speaks of learning and of the unfolding emotional journey.

Watch the trailer hier.