Masks and Faces – Workshop with paper, colors, seeds … and soul

Art Workshop by Corry Siw Mirski and Chelle Destefano
Part of Australia-Berlin Art Exchange


“We are souls having a human experience. The fears and repression that people need to remove from their lives…. our creative project is a way to teach people about stepping out of their comfort zone to create something that they can express with their heart and soul.
… we are forming an artwork about the human experience, the soul and letting fear go… the pain, the light….
The project will become an installation art of the work we will do and drawings on are large paper behind paper-mask sculptures to express faces and feelings.
If we open our hearts to allow ourselves to experience and make mistakes, then we will evolve as our souls are meant to as humans – and you can experience, that there are no mistakes (in art).” Corry Siw Mirski and Chelle Destefano

Group photo with colorful masks in the back wall