Under-Stories Revealed

Workshop: ‘Under-Stories Revealed’ at Interventionen – Diversity in Arts and Education Conference and Festival


After an introduction to Berlinklusion, Berlin’s new network for accessibility in arts and culture, participants worked with artists with and without disabilities in a practical creative workshop that draws from the history and physical fabric of Podewil and its surrounds. The workshop concluded with a discussion exploring the existing structures within the cultural field, their limitations and impact on in/exclusion and their hidden possibilities for accessibility. 

Further information about the Workshop and Interventionen programme can be found here.

Three persons outside looking from different sides at and behind a metal board with writing attached to the wall
Photo: Berlinklusion
Three persons leaning on a table looking at a city map laying on the table with diverse objects standing on on top of it
Photo: Berlinklusion
Close up of a city map with diverse objects standing on top of it, as a postcard, a drawing a stone, a leaf, a flower
Photo: Berlinklusion