Four persons in different positions on top, next to and under orange and grey chairs interacting bodily, an arm entering the right side of the picture with a paper with writing "Education"

Call and Response: Journeys through a multi-sensory landscape

Interactive Art Installation & Launch of Berlinklusion Network for Accessibility in Arts and Culture.
Part of Australia-Berlin Art Exchange


„Call and Response“ is an artistic collaboration between Australian contemporary dancer Anna Seymour and Berlin based artists Kirstin Broussard, Jovana Komnenic and Dirk Sorge. Together they have created an interactive installation exploring multiple perspectives incorporating sound, movement and visual art. Via a series of sensory stations participants are invited to interact with each other to create ephemeral works of art exploring connectivity and difference as an engine for creativity.

The event culminated in a casual networking activity sponsored by Berlinklusion: an international Network for Accessibility in Arts and Culture based in Berlin.