Denk.mal Inklusiv & Keine Ewigkeit für Niemand

In 2019 we worked with Neurotitan Gallery as curatorial assistants for two interrelated exhibitions Denk.mal Inklusiv and Keine Ewigkeit für Niemand on the theme of memory, inclusion and the city featuring works of art by Alexis Dvorsky, Katrin Dinges, Various&Gould, Sven Kocar, Silja Korn and OSTAP. In German, the title “Denk.mal Inklusiv” is a play on words: “Denkmal” means “memorial” and as two separate words “denk” and “mal” means “think about”, while “Inklusiv” means ” to include”.

By signing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2008, the Federal Republic of Germany committed itself to the goal of an inclusive society in all areas of life. The aim of Denk.mal Inklusiv was to draw attention to the gaps in remembering disability and to pursue questions of inclusion. Together with artists and cultural workers with disabilities, Neurotitan developed and presented the resulting artwork from a number of accessible street art workshops on Braille graffiti, ad-busting and screen printing, that offered design possibilities in public space. The artist duo Various&Gould also address the theme of memory and its manifestation in urban space in their exhibition Keine Ewigkeit für Niemand (No Eternity for Nobody), which opened at the same time.

We assisted Neurotitan in the curation of both exhibitions with a focus on developing and realising accessible and creative interpretation formats for the artworks in both exhibitions.

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