Inclusive Workshops with light art space

In December 2019, just before Christmas, we held two inclusive workshops as part of education program of a contemporary art exhibition in Kraftwerk Berlin. It was the exhibition Latent Being by Refik Anadol, curated and organised by Light Art Space, a new art house in Berlin. With two groups, JugendTheatergruppe Thikwa and children and teachers from Galilei Grundschule we visited the exhibition and reacted to it’s themes, artificial intelligence and algorithms, in creative way using movement, play and elements of visual art. It was a great joy working on this project and with these groups!

People standing and sitting around a long rectangular table drawing on a huge joint drawing
Photo: Jürgen Scheer
In a huge dark industrial inner space people are sitting and laying on big pillows on the floor while multicoloured images are projected over them and the whole floor
Photo: Jürgen Scheer
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